Saturday, June 17, 2006


NYT reported At its core, Wikipedia is not just a reference work but also an online community that has built itself a bureaucracy of sorts — one that, in response to well-publicized problems with some entries, has recently grown more elaborate. It has a clear power structure that gives volunteer administrators the authority to exercise editorial control, delete unsuitable articles and protect those that are vulnerable to vandalism.

Those measures can put some entries outside of the "anyone can edit" realm. The list changes rapidly, but as of yesterday, the entries for Einstein and Ms. Aguilera were among 82 that administrators had "protected" from all editing, mostly because of repeated vandalism or disputes over what should be said. Another 179 entries — including those for George W. Bush, Islam and Adolf Hitler — were "semi-protected," open to editing only by people who had been registered at the site for at least four days.

Why would an entry on Einstein need to be protected any more than one on George W. Bush or Islam?????
(See a List of Protected Entries)

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davboz said...

Wiki has SMELLED like a liberal effort since I first saw it.
You can tell by who are the only ones to consistently even reference it.
It is an attempt to structure history and education in the terms of their liking!