Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spate of Good News

WaPo reported In a White House that had virtually forgotten what good news looks like,

Actually there has been a lot of good news, both about the economy, and about the war in Iraq, that the MSM has refused to carry, because they don't like running any story that does not make the President look bad, but this time they could not ignore the good news.
the past few weeks have been refreshing. A Republican won a much-watched special congressional election. President Bush recruited a Wall Street heavy hitter as Treasury secretary. U.S. forces killed the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq. And now the architect of the Bush presidency has avoided criminal charges.
What about Iraqis finishing selecting their cabinet?
The question is whether this latest updraft in Bush's fortunes will last much longer than the president's surprise trip yesterday to Iraq.
Not if the lying MSM can block it.
Bush took full command of the political stage with his five-hour appearance in Baghdad, just days after the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and used it to showcase a new Iraqi government he hopes to turn the war over to eventually. Yet in the end, some analysts noted, it will matter only if this new government can heal societal schisms and stand up effective security forces.

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