Sunday, June 11, 2006

Britian should adopt more Islamic ways

Telegraph reported In his first newspaper interview since being elected, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari [new leader of the Muslim Council of Britain] suggests this country should adopt more Islamic ways.... His aim, he says, will be to encourage Britain to adopt more Muslim ways, as well as to encourage Muslims to be good British citizens. He thinks that non-Muslim Britons would benefit from having arranged marriages and espousing stronger family values; they would also do well to stop drinking and gambling and to follow many of the teachings of Islam. But, first, he must calm the tensions between Muslims and the rest of Britain.

That is a task that may be more difficult when Britains see that they are expected to adopt more islamic ways.
... But would he not agree that many in Britain see Muslim fundamentalism as the biggest threat of the next few years? "Extremism is a threat, but on all sides: Christian, Muslim, Jewish," he says. "It is objectionable when people talk about Islamic terrorists; those who terrorise people are not being Islamic in any way."
They are the ones that are saying they are being Islamic. And if you really believe it is not Islamic you should get rid of the Wahhabist literature distributed in many mosques.
.... What does he like about Britain? "The education system is superb, compared to Bangladesh. Children are allowed to think.
According to many Islamic countries, allowing them to think for themselves is non-Islamic.
I had four children born here and they have been taught to be broad-minded. The British are also very enterprising. The East has wisdom and tradition; Britain has dynamism. Then there is your pluralism. Over 100 languages are spoken in Tower Hamlets alone. And, finally, there is your tolerance. We may have graffiti and bottles thrown at Muslims but, after 9/11, no Muslims were killed. For all its faults, we do feel grateful to this country." One reason he settled here, he says, was that we make such wonderful cheese. "I came here from Bangladesh in 1978 to do my air force training. I loved the food in the officers' mess - all those cheeses I had never tasted, the yoghurts. I adored fish and chips." He also likes British dress: "I feel comfortable in shirts and suits.".... Dr Bari has also warmed to football: "My children love it. When England play, we always fly the flag."
Is this the same flag that the extremist Islamic group al-Muhajiroun said symbolizes the 'blood thirsty crusaders' and the occupation of Muslims, causing some of the largest companies in England to order their workers not to wave the English flag.
All Muslims here, he believes, must learn English. "It is a vital skill. At my home, we speak Bangla but my children speak English fluently." However, he does not think that Muslims should adopt too many British practices; Britain should espouse many more Muslim traditions, he says.
In other words Britain should assimilate into being an Islamic country, rather than Muslims that are guests in Britain assimilating into British society. If you dont like British society, go somewhere else (and let them ship cheese to you); don't expect them to change their society to please you.
"Arranged marriages are a good idea. These are not forced on children but it is a way of parents helping to guide their children to make the right choices. In youth, you are very emotional; you just go on instinct. Elders can look at compatibility, background, intentions. It is a wonderful system. "I had an arranged marriage. My daughter is 22 and we will help her to choose a man.
You like for children to be allowed to think, but not to pick their own spouse.
But it will be a choice made by all of us. It would be a good thing for British society to take on board. Traditionally, you had far more of this; now, it is all done on impulse.".... Dr Bari also thinks that there should be more faith schools and that British children should be encouraged to attend Muslim establishments.
You want British children to learn Islam; why not send your children to learn Christianity as it is taught by the Church of England.
"We are taking the blame for the events of the past few years, but we should be saying, 'Look at what is good about our culture. Come to our schools. They are better: they have more discipline, more respect, better exam results, children work hard, there are fewer mini-skirts, there is less bad behaviour, the teachers can get on with their jobs.' "We could have Christians, Jews and Muslims. We would teach all religions, as well as British values.
Would you teach that all three religions were of equal value, and that Muslims could convert to Christianity or Judiasm and not be killed, or would you teach that Christians and Jews were Dhimmi
We could really help.

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