Sunday, June 11, 2006


BBC News reported Thousands of people have attended the funeral of seven members of a Palestinian family killed in an explosion on a Gaza beach on Friday

Although it now appears that Israel may not have been responsible. Perhaps it was one of the rockets being fired by the Palestinians 400 yards away from the beach.
.... Hamas said it fired rockets at Israel for the first time since its truce 16 months ago, in response to the deaths.... At the cemetery, seven-year-old Huda Ghalia, the last surviving family member, asked for forgiveness as she bent down to kiss her father's face. Huda, who was asleep under a blanket when the explosion occurred, has been symbolically adopted by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniya. The BBC's Simon Wilson in Jerusalem says that Saturday's rocket attacks appear mainly symbolic.
Was her "symbolic" adoption the same as Hamas's "symbolic" rocket attacks?
But a spokesman for Hamas's armed wing, the Izzedine al-Qassam brigade, said next time the rockets would be longer range and hit deeper inside Israel.
And you can count on Israel's response being even stronger and more deadly. I believe that Israel should announce that future reprisal attacks will be double. For every rocket attack they will have a targeted attack at a Hamas leader, plus a general attack on the Palestinian people that elected Hamas.

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