Sunday, June 11, 2006

Good point

Cliff May wrote on The Corner Distressing videos are being shown of carnage after what appears to have been an Israeli artillery attack on a Gaza beach in which seven civilians were killed. Apparently, the Israelis missed their intended target: Just 400 yards from the beach, Palestinian militants were firing rockets at Israel. Is there no one – in Gaza, in Europe, at the UN – who will say that it is at the very least irresponsible to set up a launch site for a missile attack on Israel so close to areas where Palestinian civilians swim, sunbathe and picnic?

Because they are cowards. They think that launching attacks from areas near innocents will protect them from retaliation.
Also, note how every story on this emphasizes that Hamas has been “observing a truce.” How is permitting the firing of missiles from territories under its control, not a violation of this “truce”?
Good point.


Judith Apter Klinghoffer said...

The Carnage on the Gaza beach is heartbreaking. The wounded are treated in Israeli hospitals. The distressing footage looks very staged as I point out and Richrad Landes has analayzed. Moreover, evidence mounts that Israel may not even be responsible. See my blog for further details.

Don Singleton said...

Very good point. See this post