Monday, May 08, 2006

Jacksonville man fatally shoots robber

AP Wire reported A father fatally shot a man who tried to rob his family as they waited early Saturday in their sport utility vehicle for a summer camp enrollment to open, authorities said. the alleged robber approached the driver's window, pointed a gun at the father and demanded money, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokesman Ken Jefferson told The Florida Times-Union. He then ordered the family of five to unlock one of the SUV's doors, Jefferson said. "The father, sensing something was wrong,

How did he "sense somethng was wrong"? Did it have anything to do with having a gun pointed at him?
decided to defend his family ... pulled out a gun and he shot and killed the suspect on the scene," Jefferson said. It was not clear if the father was licensed to carry a gun, Jefferson said.
Was the robber he shot licensed to carry a gun?
The father's 10-year-old son was somehow wounded during the shooting. Brevon Ricks remained hospitalized in critical condition late Saturday, officials said. The names of the other family members and the alleged robber were not released.
Must protect the "alleged" robber's privacy.
The family had been parked at the entrance of McGirts Creek Park, waiting to enroll their children in a summer camp, authorities said. Under a Florida law that took effect in October, people don't have to retreat before responding to an attack, and can use deadly force as long as they're in a place they legally have a right to be. It also gives immunity from criminal or civil charges to a shooter as long as the person shot is not a police officer.

Danny Carlton blogged Will the bullet riddled bodies of criminals prove a deterrent to crime? Liberals think not, but then again I think that's the whole problem—Liberals think not.
That is a very good point. Liberals think not. I believe they are so filled with hatred at not being in control that they are incapable of thought.


alyceclover said...

I think not. Criminals think they will get away with their crime. I know a lot of them, and how they reason. They want something, they don't consider the victim's right to have it, they will rob it, take it by force. Nothing is going to stop criminals until every human being has the same moral values.

Don Singleton said...

Having every human being having the same moral values will not help; then criminals will just steal from other criminals; what will stop them is when every one is armed.