Monday, May 08, 2006

Andrea Clarke Has Died

Freedom Watch reported Melanie Childers sent me this email regarding her sister Andrea Clarke who passed yesterday at approximately 3:00 P.M.(CST). I know no further details surrounding Andrea's passing at this time other than what Melanie wrote, which better sumarizes the agony Andrea and her family suffered at the hands of the Texas medical community.

I blogged earlier May 3 and Apr 29 and Apr 28 and Apr 25

We don't know at this time whether St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital is responsible for her death, or whether what they did contributed to it, or whether God just decided it was time to call her Home, but certainly she is in a better place than St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston


Doll said...

Amen Don. Andrea most certainly is in a better place than at St. Luke's Hospital in Houston.

Thank you for writing about this sad case also. I truly wish the case had received more coverage, but those of us out here did our best.

Last week Michelle Malkin covered some of this in an interview with a pro-lifer regarding the issues surrounding euphanasia in a Vent episode at Hot Air.

I hope to hear from Andrea's sister Melanie. Last week I posted that according to Melanie, Andrea was improving. So certainly I was shocked and saddened to receive the word she passed.

I know Andrea is now at peace with the Lord. Thank God. Lets all pray for her family as they must now live with the fact she has passed, either at the hands of the neglegant way in which her case was handled, or as you so eloquently said, God decided to take her home.

God bless you and thank you again for writing about this. So few bloggers did.

Doll said...

Sorry, please excuse my typo. I should have written negligent, but in my haste overlooked the typo.

Don Singleton said...

I suspect that after all St Luke's had done to her she was in such pain that the medicine they were giving her was unable to mask the pain, and that God decided to separate her from the pain, bringing her Home so that He could comfort her, leaving the pain behind.

I just hope that her family realizes she is in a much better place, and that they don't have to deal with the pain that was left behind. That pain should be felt totally by the doctors and administrators at St Luke's