Friday, May 12, 2006

Ahmadinejad letter to President Bush was invitation to Islam

Islamic Republic News Agency Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Thursday that his letter to President George W. Bush did not concern the nuclear dossier, but rather was an invitation to Islam and the prophets culture.

Robert Spencer blogged the letter was indeed the call to Islam that must precede any attack, in accord with Muhammad's words (in Sahih Muslim 4294) about inviting the unbelievers to accept Islam or dhimmitude and fighting him only if he refuses both. We shall see.

Jeff Goldstein blogged whether or not Ahmadinejad (and the mullahs) are pragmatists playing chess, or else crazed religious fanatics poised to unleash some sort of devestating weapon on the world, what is unquestionable is that Ahmadinejad has positioned his pieces so as to appear ready to go to war.

Which, for those who have observed our poisoned partisan atmosphere, means that Iran has forced us to consider our options—many of which will be politicized, delayed, demonized, or used opportunistically by politicians trying to take the electoral pulse (Seymour Hersh’s story about the US being prepared to nuke the Persians a shining example)—all of which works in Iran’s favor if their aim is to buy time to complete their nuclear program.

Of course, it is also possible (and far more frightening) to think that our intelligence has once again failed (remember, Israel believes Iran to be much closer to completing the program than does our infallible intelligence apparatus), and that Ahmadinejad’s letter augurs something far more disastrous and, dare I say it?—imminent.

And that is why we simply must be prepared to react with dispassionate resoluteness to any aggression by Iran; better, of course, would be were we to act to prevent that aggression in the first place—even if that means nothing more than letting Iran know that, given their President’s unprecedented letter, any near-term attacks with WMD will be laid at their doorstep, and that we have a policy for responding to such attacks—but one wonders if our diplomats (and an increasingly rogue element in the CIA) wouldn’t fight that strategy tooth and nail.

Vinnie blogged All I can think to do right now is to alert as many people as I can to the possibility that we are on the brink of a full-scale, all out war with Iran. In contrast with the small-scale, low-intensity war we've been in with Iran since 1979.

QM blogged Ahmadinejad’s da’wa - da’wa: the request for the non-Muslim to accept Allah and true mono-theism prior to demanding Jizya (tax)(dhimmi) or killing the unbeliever. While others were celebrating Ahmadinejad’s letter to President Bush as an olive branch I have been feariing it was something else. A surrender demand. This is similar to to the letters The Prophet Mohammad sent to the rulers of Byzantium and Turkey in 620 AD. While it may be easy to explain away this letter as a Cindy Sheehan inspired plea to Bush, the language is extremely close to that of many leftist, anti-war groups, the truth is in several select paragraphs. Ahmadinejad repeatedly speaks of the poor in America and how the rich are prospering at the expense of the poor (paging Dr. Dean!), which are phrases explicitly targeting America’s left wing.

Yet within his letter we see constant oblique referrals to the anti-semetic tales of old: Media, Banks and Special interest groups. It all becomes clear when Ahmadinejad begins to talk, at the last third of the letter, about the messengers of God. The rest of the letter is nothing but thinnly disquised attempts to relate Islam with Christianity and urge Bush to get right with Allah. Ahmadinejad tries to place Christianity as a lost wing of Islam and urges Bush to follow the Islamic path, the consequences of not doing so are clear:

‘Will you not accept this invitation? That is, a genuine return to the teachings of the Prophets, to monotheism and justice, to preserve human dignity and obedience to the Almighty and his Prophets.
Finally, Ahmadinejad ends his letter with this “Vasalam Ala Man Ataba’al hoda” which when roughly translated means “Peace only unto those who follow the true path.” which is almost exactly what Mohammad said in his letter to Turkey and the Byzantine kingdom before declaring War. Next will come the demand to become Dhimmi
A subjected people ruled by Islam
and pay the Jizya _or_ be declared an enemy of God and subject to slaughter.

Hot Air blogged tudents in Indonesia — the “moderate” Muslim state — are in raptures over Ahmadinejad. “”There’s not a leader in the world like him. I am so proud.”

I believe it is clear that Ahmadinejad sees himself as the one to initiate End Time Battles. The Muslims believe this will mean the return of the 12th Imam. Christians believe that it will herald the return of Jesus Christ. But in any event, it is going to be the true war to end all wars.


Muslim Unity said...

It is a shame that you say such things. Instead we should try and spread peace together.

Don Singleton said...

I encourage Moderate Muslims to promote bringing Islam into the 21st Century, but that is certainly not where Ahmadinejad is