Sunday, May 07, 2006

Islamic scholars to issue pro-Hamas fatwa

Yahoo! News reported Islamic scholars are to meet in Doha next week to draw up a fatwa, or religious edict, obliging the Muslim faithful to help the internationally isolated Palestinian government headed by Hamas. Influential cleric Yussef al-Qardawi said the May 10-11 meeting would help both the Palestinian people and their government, hit hard by US and EU funding cuts because of the Islamist faction's refusal to recognize Israel.

I am happy to see that they will be encouraging Muslims to support the Palestinians rather than expecting the US and EU to do it, but why just support the Palestinians. There are many Islamic countries that have plenty of money, and many other Islamic countries that are very very poor? Why don't they support the poor Islamic contries that are living in peace. Why only support one that wants to destroy its neighbor?
Ulemas (scholars) as well as other Muslim and Palestinian leaders will "draw up a fatwa on the duty of the ummah (Muslims) and of governments" toward the Palestinians and the Hamas cabinet, Qardawi told a press conference Saturday. The fatwa will refer to financial aid to the Palestinians as well as offering them moral support, Qardawi said.
They want the money. I suspect they care less about the "moral support". There is very little about Hamas that is moral.

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