Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our Intimidated Generals

Judith Apter Klinghoffer wrote I am writing in the hope of lowering my blood pressure. Islamists around the world are on a rampage and all the media focus is on retired generals who did not dare confront their superiors or even tell the truth to the president when asked to do so in the most direct manner.

I have called for Rumsfeld's replacement months ago but that is besides the point. For the generals to attack the Secretary of Defense on the issue of troop numbers in Iraq in 2003 is ridiculous. I want to know whether they think we need more troops in Iraq today or tomorrow.
And if they are willing to go back into Active Duty and lead those additional troops in Iraq.
To hear two and three star generals whine that Rumsfeld is too intimidating causes one to ask who else can so easily intimidate them? Are we talking perhaps of the insurgents, Ahmadinejad, Assad Fils, the North Korean or China?
Those guys not only intimidate them, they scare the crap out of them.
Imagine being a soldier who has served under the command of so easily intimidated a general.
Maybe that is why they are FORMER generals. They did not have what it takes to lead troops in the War on Terrorism. They can handle being at the back of a million man army, just worried about getting their next star for good penmanship or perfect attendance, but actually leading forces in battle???
Their retired generals' contention that they are speaking for their active duty colleagues merely makes matters worse.

On This Week Joe Klein, whom no one can accuse of being a Bush fan, said that Bush repeatedly asked the generals in Iraq if they had everything they needed and they repeatedly assured him they did. But when Jerry Bremer asked them what they would do with an additional division, they said, we'd clear Baghdad. Excuse me? The American army in Iraq does not have a single general with enough guts to respond to the president's question with "depends on what you want us to do?"

Sorry, guys, civil control of the military is not our problem. Gutless military leadership is.

Instapundit blogged Ouch. And this, mind you, is from someone who's wanted Rumsfeld out for months.

Betsy Newmark blogged Judith Apter Klinghoffer is no fan of Rumsfeld, but she has lost patience with the media obsession with six retired generals who have been criticizing Rumsfeld.

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