Monday, April 17, 2006

Attack Canada???

Steve Young wrote on Huffington Post In attempting to provide trivial business as usual cover, Lucianne's son (Jonah Goldberg), looking more and more like mom, said that the U.S. has developed plans to attack Canada. Amazingly, it was not meant as a joke, as he said he reiterated that he "knew they have plans." That host Howard Kurtz let that one fly by without an intercepting followup deserves a followup itself.

Perhaps it was a White House or Pentagon-inspired leak meant as a first salvo to warn Canada to keep Universal Healthcare north of the border. Maybe Canada has looked into purchasing back-bacon yellowcake or their Zamboni-delivery systems are ready to release "Hockey Night in Canada" onto ESPN.

Jonah Goldberg replied While debating the Sy Hersh story about Pentagon plans to attack Iran, I made the entirely conventional point that it would be a scandal for the Pentagon not to have plans to attack Iran. After all preventing states like Iran -- indeed, specifically Iran -- from getting nukes has been the core of American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. I should hope, I said, that the Pentagon has plans to attack Iran, North Korea etc. Heck, it's their job. In fact, I added, I know that the Pentagon even has plans to attack Canada. Young thinks this is all hilarious or absurd or perhaps merely an excuse to flap his gums about how wrong it is I have a column in the LA Times (the left coast lefties are still quite vexed about that).
They don't like it when conservatives have ANY outlet to let people know what they think. They realize that they only way people will buy the garbage they are spouting is if that is they only thing they hear.
He says I've made news here. But the actual news is this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. The US military's plan to attack Canada is called War Plan Red. It's been written up in these things called "newspapers" every so often for years. Most recently in an obscure publication called The Washington Post. Stevie may want to track down a copy somewhere.

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