Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Laura Bush avoids gay families at Easter Egg Roll

Pandagon blogged The plan to ensure that the First Lady wasn’t photographed with gay families at the White House Easter Egg Roll succeeded

That is good. How would you like it if people you did not agree with tried to take advantage of your generosity and sought to make a scene at your house, and get their pictures taken with you. Even if you lived in government owned housing, and would not be there three years from now, does not mean you should have to put up with something like this while you lived there.


Tillerman said...

Yeah - if she wants to avoid catching homosexuality, Laura could go and hang out with the Cheney family or the Reagan family. I'm sure Mary and Ron would love to roll eggs with her.

Don Singleton said...

It is not a matter of "catching" homosexuality

It is a matter of focusing on the children during an Easter Egg Role, and not on the parents and their political agenda