Saturday, April 22, 2006

The mushroom cloud is on its way!

Steven Emerson wrote at Counterterrorism Blog Islamists’ message to Israel at New York City rally: "The mushroom cloud is on its way!"

Just as soon as Iran gets the bomb.
Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) Newswire - April 21, 2006 : The Queens-based Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS) held a rally yesterday outside of the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan. Members of the Islamic Thinkers Society are easily identified by their Khilafah flags and provocative signs as well as rhetoric against homosexuals, Jews, Christians, Danes and others, depending on the hot button issue at the moment. Yesterday's rally was held in response to Monday’s Tel Aviv bombing that killed 9 and injured scores.
Why is it "in response to"? I would assume it would be "in celebration of". The "in response to" rally should occur when (not if but when) Israel responds to the Tel Aviv bombing.
While carrying signs including “Islam will Dominate” with a picture of an Islamic flag over the White House,
Which clearly shows their eventual goal, and it is not just to get us out of the Middle East, but to bring the entire world down to their level of barbarism.
the small but loud group of men chanted threatening slogans: Excerpts: Leader (in Arabic): With our blood and our lives we will liberate al Aqsa!
In other words drive Israel into the sea and have total control of Jerusalem
[The rest also respond in Arabic:] With our blood and our lives we will liberate al Aqsa! Israeli Zionists What do you say? The real Holocaust is on its way
As soon as Iran gets the bomb.
Israeli Zionists, What do you say? How many children have you killed today?
You are a little confused here. It is the Palestinians that target women and children. Some Palestinian women and children may be killed when Israel responds to an attack, but that is because the Palestinians that attack Israel are such cowards that they hide behind the skirts of women.
We are not your average Muslims, We are the Muslims of Was al Sunnah....
They certainly are not like most of the Muslims in the world; they are the Islamoterrorists that have hijacked the Muslim faith, and who force moderate Muslims to keep quiet to avoid being attacked themselves.
We will not accept the United Nations, they are the criminals themselves
I might agree with you there, but for different reasons.
They get paid by the Israeli and the US government to do their job.
There is where you are wrong. They take money from the US, but they dont do their job, and they are just antagonistic toward Israel.
We don’t recognize United Nations as a body We only recognize Allah....
And not the real Allah, but a false one we have conjoured up to justify our anger.
Islam will dominate the world
We see their objective.
Islam is the only solution
If that is the only solution, then what the hell is the question?

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