Friday, April 21, 2006

Illegal Workers

A reader wrote Jonah Goldberg on The Corner W.R.T. your pointer to Ilya Shapiro making a very good point about overqualified immigrants getting the shaft

This is not really new. I have been here in the US since 1993 and only next year I'll qualify to become a US citizen after jumping through the all the hoops that the Immigration Service put forth. This is one of the reasons I strongly oppose illegals, because they end up getting better deals. However, I have been reminded many times by academic colleagues who generally support amnesty that "life is not really fair" when I make my view known.

I have a solution to this problem though. Anyone who is/ has been here illegally should never ever be allowed to get US citizenship nor be allowed to vote. I am ok with them getting work permit and becoming legals with some waiting period etc., but no path to citizenship should ever be provided to the law breakers.

That is a FANTASTIC idea.
I think this is only fair. This will take away the political muscle of so called "illegal immigrants".

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