Monday, April 17, 2006

Forming a government

Iraq the Model blogged A few more days they asked for which they claim are necessary to complete the negotiations but in fact it looks like yesterday added new problems in addition to the already existing deadlock represented by nominating a new PM and it seems that creating problems has become a trait of the political blocs in a sequence of reactions that make accordance seem far from reach at this point.... This frustrating situation pushed some politicians to seek and speak of emergency solution plans like the 'National rescue government' reportedly proposed by al-Hakeem that speaks basically of forming a new interim government where Abdul Mahdi becomes prime minister for one year to be followed by new general elections to elect a new parliament.
I actually think that might be the best choice. The secular parties were not really very organized, and this might give them a chance to become better organized and get a larger share of the vote, and if they guaranteed the religious parties absolute freedom of religion, for both Shia and Sunni (as well as others), they might be able to get the country organized.

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