Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday, June 8

This Day In History

  • 632   The prophet Mohammed died.
  • 1786   Commercial ice cream was manufactured for the first time -- in New York City.
  • 1845   Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, died in Nashville, Tenn., at age 78.
  • 1861   Tennessee seceded from the Union.
  • 1872   A little-remembered piece of history happened on this day: The U.S. Congress authorized the penny postal card.
  • 1915   Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan resigned in a disagreement over U.S. handling of the sinking of the Lusitania.
  • 1948   The ''Texaco Star Theater'' made its debut on NBC-TV with Milton Berle as guest host.
  • 1953   The Supreme Court ruled that restaurants in the District of Columbia could not refuse to serve blacks.
  • 1967   Israeli forces raided the Liberty, a U.S. Navy ship stationed in the Mediterranean, killing 34. Israel called the attack a tragic mistake.
  • 1969   The New York Yankees retired Mickey Mantle's uniform No. 7 during ''Mickey Mantle Day'' at Yankee Stadium.
  • 1978   A jury in Clark County, Nev., ruled the so-called ''Mormon will,'' purportedly written by the late billionaire Howard Hughes, was a forgery.
  • 1982   in the first speech by an American president to a joint session of the British Parliament, President Reagan predicted that Marxism-Leninism would wind up "on the ash heap of history."
  • 1987   Fawn Hall, secretary to national security aide Oliver L. North, testified at the Iran-Contra hearings, saying she had helped to shred some documents.
  • 1995   U.S. Marines rescued Capt. Scott O'Grady, whose F16-C fighter jet had been shot down by Bosnian Serbs on June 2.
  • 1998   The National Rifle Association elected actor Charlton Heston its president.
  • 2001   A knife-wielding man killed eight children at a Japanese elementary school.
  • 2001   British Prime Minister Tony Blair was elected to a second term in a landslide.
Happy Birthday To
  • May 26, 1907)
  • 1867   Frank Lloyd Wright (architect
  • 1918   Robert Preston (Meservey)
  • 1925   Barbara Bush (Pierce) (First Lady: wife of 41st President of the U.S., George Bush)
  • 1933   Joan Rivers (Joan Alexandra Molinsky) (comedienne)
  • 1940   Nancy Sinatra
  • 1944   Don Grady (Agrati) (actor: My Three Sons, Mickey Mouse Club)

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