Saturday, March 01, 2008

Target Harry

Daily Express reported Harry’s perilous Army mission in Afghanistan was dismissed by British extremists as a mere publicity stunt. But they also claimed that by participating in an “illegal war”, the brave young Prince had made himself fair game for a terrorist attack. Yesterday’s outbursts came as Harry was on his way home amid fears for his safety after details of his exploits in Helmand province emerged.
They probably should send him back. He might be safer in Afganistan.
Anjem Choudary, former leader of British-based radicals Al Muhajiroun, said: “He will be seen as part of the enemy and so he is a target.
Is there room in the Tower of London for Mr Choudary?
This is an illegal war and it should be seen in that light, and for Harry to participate has absolutely no justification. Those who want to carry out operations over here will target Harry. He is a natural target for someone that way inclined.”
And what are you doing to discourage such people? Or are you trying t encourage them

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