Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kenyan elders demand an apology

Reuters reported Kenyan elders demanded an apology from Washington on Thursday ahead of a planned protest over a controversial photo of U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama in traditional Somali dress.

Why should Washington apologize? They did not distribute the photo.
The picture, which appeared on a U.S. Web site, showed the Democratic frontrunner donning a white headdress and robes during a visit in 2006 to the remote north-eastern town of Wajir.
What is offensive about the photo?
... The dispute has angered many in Kenya, especially ethnic Somalis from the northeast, who resent the implication that Obama did anything wrong during his visit.
If he did not do anything wrong, then why are they offended?
Wajir residents plan to demonstrate after Friday prayers to show their support for the Illinois senator.
Muslims sure take offense easily.
Mohamed Ibrahim, who attended one of two crisis meetings held in Wajir on Thursday by clan members who hosted Obama on his trip, said Washington must immediately make amends to them and especially to the elder pictured with him. "The U.S. government must apologize to us as a clan and the old man," Ibrahim told Reuters by telephone. "We have been offended and we cannot afford to just watch and stay silent."
What are you going to do? Call Rage Boy in Pakitan and get him to put on a show for you?
He said it was essential Clinton "clear her name" too.
She denies sending the photo.
... If there was no apology, the elders said, they would demand the expulsion of U.S. troops based near Garissa town.
I did not know we had troops in Kenya.
Update: The Kenyans believe that Hillary owe them some cows,
They probably heard how much money she made in Cattle Futures
and probably some goats

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