Sunday, February 24, 2008

New excuse for Qassams: Prophet cartoons

Ynetnews reported After the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and the targeted killings, the Palestinian organizations have found a new reason for firing Qassam rockets on southern Israel: Cartoons published in Denmark denouncing Prophet Muhammad.... "The Palestinian resistance has committed to respond to the cartoons, and this is our initial response," he added.

Israel did not print the cartoons. Can your rockets not reach Denmark?
Asked why the residents of Sderot and the Negev should pay the price for cartoons published in Denmark, Abed al-Aal responded, "The Jews have also hurt Islam
They must be powerful: a small Jewish country, in the midst of all those Muslim Countries. Or maybe Islam is just such a weak faith that it can be hurt by a cartoon. Haven't you heard "sicks and stones can break my bones, but words (and cartoons) can never hurt me"
and have also hurt the Koran in their prisons, as part of the plot to harm Islam and the memory and status of Prophet Muhammad.

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