Monday, August 14, 2006

Truce will be Israel's last

Yahoo! News reported Lebanon's UN ambassador bitterly slammed Israel's month-long bombardment of his country ahead of a hard-won truce,

If Lebanon did not agree with Hezbollah, and if they were not prepared to accept the damage when Hezbollah attacked another country, they should not have allowed Hezbollah to remain armed.
and vowed that the treaty would be Israel's last with any Middle East country.
So the next time Israel is attacked by Hezbollah, do they accept the fact that Israel may have to totally destroy Lebanon, to root out the cancer, rather than accepting a peace treaty?
Lebanon will be, I think, the last state to sign a peace treaty with Israel," UN ambassador Nouhad Mahmoud told CNN television's "Late Edition" program, without explaining the remark.

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Russ S. said...

As far as I am concerned, no explanation is needed there. Its pretty clear what the Arab world has planned for Israel, and no UN resolution, truce, or treaty will change their minds. To me it is clear that Islam is based purely on lies put forth by one of the most evil souls to ever walk Gods earth.
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