Monday, August 14, 2006

It might offend

Telegraph reported A five-year-old girl's passport application was rejected because her photograph showed her bare shoulders. Hannah Edwards's mother, Jane, was told that the exposed skin might be considered offensive in a Muslim country.

Was she planning on going to a Muslim country. Or has Londinistan really become a Muslim country?
The photograph was taken at a photo-booth at a local post office for a family trip to the south of France. Because of the way the camera was set up, the picture came out showing Hannah's shoulders.... "It is a total over-reaction. How can the shoulders of a five-year-old girl offend anyone? It's not as if anything else was showing, the dress she wore was sleeveless, but it has a high neck." Hannah had her first passport when she was three months old.
Were her sholders covered in that photo?
Her mother and her father, Martin, realised that it was due to expire during their holiday later this month and decided to renew it advance.

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