Friday, August 18, 2006

France defends sending 200 troops

CNN reported French Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie on Friday defended France's decision to send just 200 additional troops to reinforce the U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon and reiterated that the force needs a clear mandate to operate effectively. "I can't let it be said or implied that France is not doing its duty in the Lebanese crisis," the minister told French radio RTL in an interview. "Since the start of the crisis, France is on the frontline and it is the top contributor."

They got their number on the table first, so they are the top contributor
France announced on Thursday it was doubling its contingent to 400 troops. It currently leads the UNIFIL force in southern Lebanon, and its decision-making on its role in a strengthened force has been closely watched. The announcement from Paris was a disappointment to some at the U.N. who expected more, though it did not dissuade countries from pledging a total of 3,500 troops for the expanded force in a meeting in New York on Thursday.
Is France still the "top" contributor.
Alliot-Marie pointed out that France was willing to continue leading the force as it expands from the current 2,000 troops to as many as 15,000.
They would be happy to have their 200 or 400 troops lead the 15,000, they are just cowards, and don't want to risk any more French lives. Syria threatened them with another bombing like Hezbollah did to the US troops in 1983. France is famous for collapsing under fire; how are they going to lead 15,000 troops? Do they have enough white flags to surrender that many of other countries troops?


Anonymous said...

You are so right. It seems that they are trying to regain some sort of national recognition by being one of the front voices in this conflict.

Then, when it is time to put boots on the ground, they defer, and show their true colors. It is despicable.

Once again they are trying not to make waves in the arab community. I guess they don't want Islamic riots in their own country.

That begs a different question. If Islamic forces take France over, would we risk our blood to free them again? Or are Islamic forces already in control?

French Lovers Anonymous

Don Singleton said...

Or are Islamic forces already in control?

For the answer to that, let me refer you to this post