Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Adopt Islamic family law to curb extremists

Independent reported Muslim leaders have urged Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of State for Communities, to support Islamic family law in Britain to stop youths joining Islamic extremists.

Do they have Islamic family law (sharia) in Saudia Arabia? It does not seem to be stopping extremists. What about Pakistan?
Diana West blogged I would argue that what's going on in GB today may be seen as an attempt by British Muslim leaders to use the ongoing threat of jihad by British Muslim terrorists to intensify Islamic influence, which necessarily deepens non-Muslim British dhimmitude.... Britain narrowly averts another 9/11 that was to have been caused by British Muslim terrorists, and British Muslim leaders take the opportuity to press forward a political agenda (ending GB-US cooperation abroad, and urging the adoption of sharia at home) that could only please the terrorists. What happens next will tell us how deeply into dhimmitude Great Britain really is.

Brainster blogged Sorry, but I don't get any sense that the terrorism is about the lack of Muslim family law. If anything, the Muslims in Britain need to be further assimilated into society, not given special treatment.


Greta said...

More importantly Don, Muslims need to speak out against terrorism & more importantly show the world that they can co-habitate with others and love and care for those that believe differently with them. Muslim family law seems like a lot of BS.

Don Singleton said...

I agree completely. The idea of Sharia family law is to get one foot in the door. Let us have family law now, then the rest of Sharia, then apply it to everyone in Britain, and suddenly the Brits are Dhimmi.