Saturday, August 19, 2006

Spencer challenges CAIR to a debate

Jihad Watch

Just a reminder that CSpan Q&A will feature my interview with CSpan's Brian Lamb tomorrow night at 8PM and 11PM EDT.

This is the famous pre-refuted interview: Akbar Ahmed already replied last week. More about that here. Meanwhile, I'm told that this morning on CSpan's Washington Journal, CAIR's Nihad Awad told people that I say many false things about Islam, and that viewers should go to CAIR's website for the truth after watching the interview.
It is easy to debate someone if you have control of the medium. That is why their reseponse will be on their own website.
CSpan seems quite eager to give a forum to such assertions; will they give a forum to my rebuttal, or to an honest debate? I challenge Nihad Awad or anyone else to produce even one false statement I have ever made about Islam. He hasn't, and won't, because he can't. But my standing offer remains: I will debate Nihad Awad, or Akbar Ahmed, or any other Muslim spokesman, on CSpan or off. Lots of people are ready to say in broad terms that I am inaccurate, but they never seem able to supply any specifics, or willing to discuss matters with me head on. Mr. Awad, Dr. Ahmed, I can be reached by email here.

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