Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Vote Due on South Dakota Bill

NYT Lawmakers here are preparing to vote on a bill that would outlaw nearly all abortions in South Dakota, a measure that could become the most sweeping ban approved by any state in more than a decade, those on both sides of the abortion debate say.

This is really the big test. I feel sure that the Partial Birth Abortion Ban will be upheld, in fact I find it outrageous that O'Conner blocked it. But this bill will require Roe to be overturned, and I wonder if Alito has been on the court long enough to fee comfortable doing that.
If the bill passes a narrowly divided Senate in a vote expected on Wednesday, and is signed by Gov. Michael Rounds, a Republican who opposes abortion, advocates of abortion rights have pledged to challenge it in court immediately — and that is precisely what the bill's supporters have in mind.

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