Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Disputed Abortion Method

NYT reported The Supreme Court, at full strength with Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. on the bench for the first time, opened the next chapter in its long-running confrontation with abortion on Tuesday by agreeing to decide whether the first federal ban on a method of abortion is constitutional.

The "method" is partial birth abortion, delivering a baby half way, and then sucking its brains out before it finishes coming out of the mother, so they can say it died while still a "fetus".
Jane Hamsher reported There's No Such Thing As a Pro-Choice Republican (or Lieberman) — We knew it would happen sooner or later, and I guess it's going to be sooner: …
You must really be evil, to think that a person must support partial birth abortion before they are considered "Pro Choice"


Russ S. said...

Further proof that liberals are mostly uneducated creatins. How can anyone who claims to be "for the little guy" or champion of human rights throw support to something so barbaric and downright evil? This is completely perverse. These people stand outside a prison and protest a convicted murderer being put to death, and cheer when women choose to murder their unborn offspring. Also, a heart felt SHAME ON YOU to Justice O'Connor, and anyone else who supports late term abortion (or as I would describe it, the senseless, cruel, and unusual slaughter of a newborn child).

Don Singleton said...

And the convicted murder being put to death has had a fair trial by a jury of his peers, and a large number of appeals heard by a large number of judges, at various levels, state and federal.

The unborn offspring has not had a single judicial hearing, and no one is permitted to speak for the unborn, not even his father.

I wish someone would go into the operating room where the doctor is waiting to perform a partial birth abortion, and insert a tube through the back of his neck into his brain, and suction it out, before he has a chance to do it to the baby being born.