Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Muslim Against Muslim

NYT reported In a direct challenge to the international uproar over cartoons lampooning the Prophet Muhammad, the Jordanian journalist Jihad Momani wrote: "What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras, or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony?"

That is a very good question. A similar question is "Which offends Muhammad more: the cartoons, or the fact that a number of people named Muhammad were on the planes in 9/11, or have been involved in other terrorist acts?
In Yemen, an editorial by Muhammad al-Assadi condemned the cartoons but also lamented the way many Muslims reacted. "Muslims had an opportunity to educate the world about the merits of the Prophet Muhammad and the peacefulness of the religion he had come with," Mr. Assadi wrote. He added, "Muslims know how to lose, better than how to use, opportunities."
Another very good point.
To illustrate their points, both editors published selections of the drawings — and for that they were arrested and threatened with prison.
That is sheer stupidity.

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