Thursday, February 23, 2006

German court convicts man for insulting Islam

Yahoo! News reported A German court on Thursday convicted a businessman of insulting Islam by printing the word "Koran" on toilet paper and offering it to mosques
I did not realize that was against the law.
.... Manfred van H. printed out sheets of toilet paper bearing the word "Koran" shortly after a group of Muslims carried out a series of bomb attacks in London in July 2005. He sent the paper to German television stations, magazines and some 15 mosques. Prosecutors said that in an accompanying letter Manfred van H. called Islam's holy book a "cookbook for terrorists." He also offered his toilet paper for sale on the Internet at a price of 4 euros ($4.76) per roll, saying the proceeds would go toward a "memorial to all the victims of Islamic terrorism."
At that price I doubt if he is going to sell very many rolls.
The maximum sentence for insulting religious beliefs under the German criminal code is three years in prison.

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