Friday, February 24, 2006

Turks attack Michelle

Michelle Malkin's site (which posted the Islamic cartoons) was the victim of a DoS (Denyal of Service) attack, with most of the IP addresses belonging to TurkTelecom. Tech people say the attack is shifting to different source addresses. Loading is spotty and slow. Big headache, but she is working on a more permanent solution. FYI, she will be cross-posting over at Pajamas Media.
I hope the nutcases don't attack PM as well.
Richard Stiennon at Threat Chaos notes:
Don't forget that the Webroot spy audit finds the highest occurrences of Trojan horses in Turkey indicating a lot of bot armies that are typically employed in this type of attack. (Yes folks, the greatest infection rate of Trojan horses is in....Troy!)
La Shawn Barber blogged When people have no argument, no leg to stand on, and severely limited reasoning ability, the impulse is to attack personally and peripherally. I’ve been and will continue to be the target of similar irrational impulses. Dissenters and haters won’t silence Michelle, they won’t silence me, and I hope you won’t let them silence you!
This is sheer stupidity. I don't like it when people make fun of my religion (Christianity), but I don't burn down embassies or even launch DoS attacks.

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