Thursday, December 15, 2005

An Islamist-Secular Split Is Seen

NYT reported Iraqi voters began streaming to the polls Thursday morning in nationwide elections as Iraqi leaders predicted that the vote would split almost evenly between secular and Islamist parties and usher in lengthy political maneuvering.

Which is very good. If either had a significant majority, it might make negotiations more difficult. Now Iraqi will learn to negotiate.
The elections, which are expected to draw as many as 10 million Iraqis to the polls, will be the last formal milestone in the American-backed political process that was devised to foster a democratic government. The elections are being seen by Iraqi and American leaders as the definitive test of the Bush administration's assumption that a free vote is the best means for reconciling Iraq's vastly polarized ethnic and sectarian groups and defeating the Sunni Arab insurgency that is threatening to break the country apart.
And the Dems and the MSM are both very worried that it might work.


Rosemary said...

Now wait a minute. To be fair, al Zarqawi agrees with them. What a sad state of affairs...

Don Singleton said...

To be fair, al Zarqawi agrees with them.

I stand corrected. I should have said "And the Dems, the MSM, al Zarqawi, and Osama are all very worried that it might work."