Saturday, December 17, 2005

Greta Award

Greta (Hooah Wife) Perry issued a number of End Of The Year Awards 2005 and this blog received the Blogger Considered Techie "Father Time." award. As Greta said "If you've seen the picture of his long white beard and know about his computer background -you'd get it"

I feel honored that this fine blogger, and mother of Hooah Kid, who took third place in WizBang's 2005 Weblog Awards for "Best of the Rest of the Blogs (8751+)". I note that Scott, the Hooah Kid, with 6.72% of the vote, edged out Sensible Mom with 5.82% of the vote (but he is not in trouble, because Sensible Mom is the mother of three living in the suburbs of Chicago, while Hooah Kid's Mom is Hooah Wife, and while to them home is whereever the Army sends them, currently that is right here in Oklahoma (specifically Owasso). See her Frapper Map.

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