Friday, December 16, 2005

Customize Google

Tech Smores! blogged I spend a lot of time working on other people's computers and one thing I notice is that many of the have Google as their homepage. You can now customize Google to show you local weather and news in addition to the search engine.

I went there to check it out, and I was astonished to see that the example city they were showing the news for was Happy, Texas, a very small town (population 647 on U.S. Highway 87 in northern Swisher County. I know people that live in Happy, and others that farm just outside of Happy. In fact when my mother's will was probated I and my three siblings inherited a very small piece of land in Happy, along with some of that farmland that my Grandfather once owned. We sold the farmland to the tenent farmer who was farming it (a relative of ours), and I think we did a quitclaim dead to the small slice of land in Happy, giving it back to the town, since no one wanted it. I was just surprised to see Happy, TX used in the Google example. I also notice they are expecting light snow, but with the temperature of 37 degrees I guess it won't stay on the ground long.

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