Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Blog Network List

Blog Network Watch reports We have taken each of our individual metrics for blogs and blog networks and ranked them from lowest to highest. We've then averaged those metrics together in order to generate a score for a blog - and then an aggregate score for a network - and used those to generate a set of rankings for blogs and blog networks.

We like this because it provides an overall view of a network - and does so without overly penalizing the networks with a smaller number of blogs than some of the larger networks. As additional metrics become available, we'll add those into the mix as well.

Currently, the blog index is made up of the following metrics:

  • Technorati rank
  • Technorati blogs linking to blog
  • Technorati links
  • MSN Search pages indexed
  • MSN Search links
  • Google backlinks
  • Google pages indexed
  • Yahoo inlinks
  • Yahoo pages indexed

I ranked 326 with an overall score of 410

Some of my favorite blogs were:
The Anchoress 510 with 528
La Shawn Barber 145 with 251

Many of my other favorites were not listed

I was listed as being one of 88 blogs with Pajamas Media, which was second in the blog networks (topped only by Gawker Media)

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