Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two ex-Guantanamo inmates appear in Al-Qaeda video

AFP reported Two men released from the US "war on terror" prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have appeared in a video posted on a jihadist website, the SITE monitoring service reported.
Since Obama has said the war on terror is over and is planning on Gitmo, I guess we will be sending even more back to the battlefield. (The Defense Department has said as many as 61 former Guantanamo detainees -- about 11 percent of 520 detainees transferred from the detention center and released -- are believed to have returned to the fight.) I wonder how long it will take before they begin taking even more American lives, and what the press will say about that.
One of the two former inmates, a Saudi man identified as Abu Sufyan al-Azdi al-Shahri, or prisoner number 372, has been elevated to the senior ranks of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, a US counter-terrorism official told AFP. Three other men appear in the video, including Abu al-Hareth Muhammad al-Oufi, identified as an Al-Qaeda field commander. SITE later said he was prisoner No. 333.

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