Friday, January 23, 2009

Holland's national suicide note

Ezra Levant reported The Dutch court of appeal has ruled that Geert Wilders, the Member of Parliament and anti-terrorism activist, must stand trial for hate speech.
Thank God we have the First Amendment protecting speech. It is something Canada and all European countries need.
You can read the English page of the court's website announcing the decision here.

It is a national suicide note, a white flag of surrender flown by a once-great empire in the face of illiberal fascists and hoodlums. It is a homicide note, too -- announcing the murder of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. And it is a warning note to other Western democracies. The warning is this: liberal democracy, multiculturalism and immigration -- pick any two.

Holland has picked multiculturalism and immigration, and has heaved liberal democracy overboard.
But with their selection Holland will soon get a new legal system: Sharia Law. I hope they don't have any women in Holland, because Sharia is not really very kind to women. Gay's too, will find a situation they do not like. As well as Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc.


Anonymous said...

My partner visited Holland, I guess because, it is the land of free everything. Why restrictions now? I thought everyone was welcomed there and there was no accountability to anything or anyone....ANON

Anonymous said...

Let's face it Don, fair or not, it is still a MAN'S WORLD. Woman have not been treated fairly over the years either. Talk about repression, think about that. Yes,everyone got the right to vote, and yes, things move in sink *in the sink, whatever....ANON

Don Singleton said...

it is the land of free everything.

I understand they have begun clamping down on the red light district, and to rethink their policy of ignoring drug use.

Woman have not been treated fairly over the years either.

True, but a woman is treated much better in the West than under even the most moderate Islamic country, and certainly better than a strict Islamic country