Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wouldn't it be wonderful?

A free press is wonderful. Even more wonderful would be a free press that told the truth, at least some of them, some of the time. For eight years the press supported the Clintons, covering up many of the things they did, frustrating Conservatives. Now the press has a new favorite, Obama, and I wonder what the Clintons are thinking. Knowing them, I bet tey are plotting to get even for the press turning on them. In the New York Times Adam Nagourney and Jeff Zeleny reported Obama Declares Bid Is ‘Within Reach’, and Alessandra Stanley crosses her fingers and hopes Clinton Fades Even in a Victory. But Patrick Healy reported Clinton Sees Many Reasons to Stay In. In The Atlantic Marc Ambinder wonders Why Are Superdelegates Waiting? and observes 8 In 10 Clinton Voters in KY Dissatisfied With Obama As The Nominee

In the Washington Post Jon Cohen and Jennifer Agiesta reported Clinton Wins Her Faithful in Ky., But Obama Gains Whites in Ore... capitalizing on that state's more liberal electorate and in The Fix Chris Cillizza wonders Problems for the Obama Juggernaut? CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider sums it up with Democratic division continues to run deep. John Cole whines Lisa Caputo, one of the Clinton hacks on MSNBC tonight, just claimed (fraudulently) that Hillary had the popular vote but was behind in the delegate math, and that this felt like “Al Gore in 2000 when it had to go to the Supreme Court.”

Matthews, apparently still high from the hair dye he used last week to turn his hair tomato red, did not correct her, as Clinton is only ahead in the popular vote if you include the vote tallies from the non-elections in Michigan and Florida and do not count the vote in caucus states.

Dems may be cleaning out their shorts once they hear Clinton may take delegate fight to convention

They all want it to be over, and they foolishly have planted their hopes that they can protect the empty suit Obama in November, and they would love to really destroy Clinton, but they fear what might happen if the power hungry Clintons should be able to prevail. Wouldn't a free press that told the truth be wonderful.

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