Friday, May 23, 2008

Risk of Obama Loss

Talking Points Memo reported In a move that could foreshadow a public push from the Hillary forces to get Barack Obama to invite her on the ticket, Hillary's top campaign fundraising official said in an interview that there's a "risk" that Hillary's political and financial supporters won't get behind Obama in time for him to win in November if she's passed over for the veep slot.
She has the delegates to force her selection, if she wants it. What she should do is announce that if the Super Delegates select her for President, she will make Obama her VP.
The fundraiser, businessman Hassan Nemazee,
What country is he from?
is Hillary's leading finance chair and one of the most influential money men in the party. He's the first prominent Hillary campaign official to raise the possiblity of an Obama loss should she not be invited on the ticket, and his comments suggests that this argument could emerge as central to any Clinton camp push to make her veep.

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