Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama wants to talk

He says Iran can't hurt us. They have committed to eradicate Israel. And the whole purpose of the missile shield Bush has been building in Eastern Europe is to intercept Iranian missiles targeted at Israel or Europe, and they may well develop rockets that can reach us. And they certainly sponsor terrorist organizations, and one of them could bring a nuke in through our porous southern border.

Was it presidential visits with the Soviet Union that brought down the Berlin Wall? Or was it because Reagan bankrupted the Soviet Union with the military buildup.

He talks about Nixon talking to the Chinese. Was it because we feared them, or because we wanted to drive a wedge between them and the Soviet Union.

He thinks he can gain something from talking to Ahmadinejad. All he would do is strengthen Ahmadinejad, whose people don't like him.

Ed Morrissey blogged Obama suggests that Iran isn’t a real threat because they only spend “1/100th” of what we spend on defense. Not only does that make it sound like the US is a much greater threat to world peace, but it ignores the entire issue of asymmetrical warfare. How much does al-Qaeda spend on its attacks? A lot less than Iran, I’d suspect. Does that make AQ a much lower threat? If so, shouldn’t we be bombing Iran in the next five minutes or so?

Ace blogged Obama Claims Iran Not a "Serious Threat" to the US ... thereby proving Obama is a serious threat to the US.

Karl blogged Barack Obama’s “tiny countries” make him feel warm

Pamela Geller blogged What is so frightening about this is, Obamacide is telling the American people what they want to hear, what they would like to believe to be true. Anyone that has been paying attention to the actions and the words of the axis of evil, know we are up against a dangerous and serious enemy.

Macranger blogged Oh, I can’t wait until we see McCain vs. Obama, face to face later in the campaign. If this is any indication Obama might need to get his wife to go on the stump to protect him.

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