Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obama's plan to disarm America

Maggie's Farm blogged Either Obama lives in the Land of Pretty Ponies and Lovely Rainbows (or whatever that expression is) or he is indeed hostile to American interests.

Or both.
Yesterday he essentially proposed unilaterally disarming the American economy with his energy ideas.
Not just unilaterally disarm us, destroy our economy.
On the clip below, he proposes unilateral military disarmament - something which no foe has ever been able to do to us.
These ideas may appeal to the pacifists in the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party, but we need to make sure everyone knows what he proposes, and make him defend those ideas in November.
  • Cut investments in unproven missile defense systems. What about proven systems that can protect us and our friends from a nut case like Iran
  • Not weaponize space. What is to prevent our enemies from getting advantage over us?
  • Slow our development of future combat systems. Might as well let our enemies get ahead of us.
  • Put pacifists on a board over the quadrennial review board.
  • Not develop new nuclear weapons. Let the current ones get old and unstable.
  • Global ban on the production of fissile material. Let only our enemies develop it, and keep us from even developing peaceful nuclear plants which is the only way to reduce the aledged global warming.
These are not the ideas of a serious man: they sound more like the ideas of a Bennington College professor. The guy's disconnection from the realities of the world is sounding more and more dangerous to me.

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