Wednesday, May 14, 2008

They don't like Hillary

Dana Milbank wrote on This Is an Ex-Candidate - It's Day 7 of the Clinton Campaign Death Watch -- a full week since the official arbiter of the Democratic primary, Tim Russert, declared the campaign over and Barack Obama the nominee.
Since when is Tim Russert in charge of the nominating process for the Democratic Party?
Hillary Clinton's advisers continue to insist that the candidate's prospects are very much alive, but the press isn't buying it.

John Aravosis on Americablog is not as kind: Go away you horrible human being - Good God. What is wrong with her? The Clintons and their campaign staff don't give a damn that they are now hurting our electoral chances in the fall against McCain and against the Republicans in Congress. Their campaign isn't happening in some vacuum, and they know it. Our candidates can't fundraise because of her.
Obama seems to be getting all the money he needs, and then some.
Obama can't focus on McCain
He seems to be doing it.
because of her. Obama is wasting money on HER, rather than spending it on McCain, because of her. EMILY's List, and AFSCME, and the American Federation of Teachers and others are wasting their members' money on her now-failed race - money that they could be spending, should be spending, on other real races, races that haven't already lost. She can't win, the math says she lost the nomination,
Obama does not have 2025 delegates, much less what he would have to have if the Democratic party is smart enough to not write off Missouri and Florida.
but she doesn't give a damn. She's going to stay in the race like some spoiled hateful egotistical brat.
I think I would be safe in saying John is not a Hillary Supporter.

It will be interesting to see what happens on May 31

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