Thursday, May 15, 2008

McCain reaches for GI Bill compromise reported With Memorial Day around the corner, Sen. John McCain and his allies are reaching out to Virginia Democratic Sen. Jim Webb in the hope of finding a compromise
McCain is always looking to compromise with Dems. Has Obama ever risked trying to compromise with Republicans?
on a GI Bill that would eliminate a potential embarrassment for the Arizona Republican’s presidential campaign.... the leadership confirmed Tuesday that a new option calls for imposing a 0.5 percent surtax on households earning more than $1 million.
And a surtax on single indiciduals making $500,000. A tax against millionaires is reaching down to sub millionaires.
... “Each of us supports increasing education benefits for our nation’s veterans, and we believe this must be accomplished as quickly as possible,” reads the letter, signed by McCain, Graham and Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.). The three Republicans go on to say that they have “never disagreed with the overall intent” of the Webb bill but would like more attention to problems of recruitment and retention as well as “in-service education of career servicemen and women.”
Something I support. I prefer the one that gives them some after 3 years, and more after 6, and for carrear soldiers even lets the benefit pay for education of their children.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates has raised questions, as well, about whether the Webb bill will hurt retention by encouraging young soldiers and Marines to leave after their first enlistment.
Which is what the Dems want.
Warner indicated that some changes might be made to address these fears, but he also argues that the improved benefits will be a great recruitment tool that will attract brighter volunteers into the service.
Where a lot of time must be spent giving them the training the others had who just left to go to school.

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