Thursday, May 15, 2008

If Clinton Wants VP, Obama Can't Stop Her

Bob Beckel wrote on RealClearPolitics Does Hillary Clinton want to be the Democrats vice presidential candidate? Probably.
She is a fool if she does, but she may not be willing to wait as junior senator from New York.
Could she get on the ticket by dropping out before the last states vote on June 3rd? Definitely not. Does Barack Obama want her on the ticket? Absolutely not.
Certainly his wife does not want Hillary.
Can he stop her if she wants it? Probably not. Why not? Super delegates are why not.
Actually te super delegates want both of them so much she might even get the presidential nod if she guaranteed them she would pick Obama. But I don't see why either one would want to be the other's VP

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Anonymous said...

I hope the whole Us realize how Obama is being pushed on us like a rash. I am a black woman and I have been waiting for over 50 years to see change in this country. I mean real change a woman
who will bring new fresh idea, a new way of dealing with the many world problems that the good old boys have brought about. I want change for the better not just a color.