Friday, May 16, 2008

No guns allowed

WHAS11 reported Guns are not barred from the state-owned south wing of the Fairgrounds Convention Center and John McCain's campaign folks said it was fine with them if NRA members with valid concealed carry permits brought guns into his speech. But since our story last week, the Secret Service has stepped in.
That is reasonable. They are charged with protecting their assignment.
But NRA members who walk through the doors will be greeted by metal detectors, they won't be allowed to carry in weapons, even if they have a valid concealed carry permit. According to an NRA spokesperson, Secret Service members have stepped in and said while firearms will still be allowed in the convention center, they will not be allowed in the Celebration of American Values Forum. NRA members WHAS11 talked to say they're not upset with guns being barred from an NRA event.
am not surprised. They understand reality. I am just surprisd that WHAS11 does not. Or rather that they think they can stir up an issue on this reasonable restriction.

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