Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tea-pot worshipping

Ananova reported A woman has been jailed in Malaysia for joining a "tea-pot worshipping" cult. Kamariah Ali, a 57 year old former teacher, was arrested in 2005 when the government of the Muslim majority country demolished the two storey high sacred tea pot of the Sky Kingdom cult. For the sect, which emphasised ecumenical dialogue between religions, the tea pot symbolized the purity of water and "love pouring from heaven".

That makes almost a much sense as a religion that would have a God who sent his only son to die for the sins of mankind, so that they might have eternal life, would then send an angel to tell a drunken child molester that he should create a religion that called for the subjection of those that accepted his Son and those that had a Compact with God, and that the members of this new "religion" could never leave it, but that the only way to be sure to get into Paradise was to kill a lot of other people.
But in Malaysia, despite constitutional guarantees of freedom of worship, born Muslims such as Mrs Ali are forbidden from converting to other religions.
Not even tea-pot worshiping?

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