Saturday, March 08, 2008


Jonathan Chait wrote in The New Republic The morning after Tuesday's primaries, Hillary Clinton's campaign released a memo titled "The Path to the Presidency." I eagerly dug into the paper, figuring it would explain how Clinton would obtain the Democratic nomination despite an enormous deficit in delegates. Instead, the memo offered a series of arguments as to why Clinton should run against John McCain--i.e., "Hillary is seen as the one who can get the job done"--but nothing about how she actually could. Is she planning a third-party run? Does she think Obama is going to die? The memo does not say.

Read the entire article. It has a lot of ideas how Clinton will be tearing Obama up. look forward to it, and hope she is successful. If Obama beats Clinton, she will stay in the Senate and probably become Majority Leader, and we will have to deal with her manipulation, instead of the ineffective Reid, even after McCain polishes off the inexperienced Obama. But if Clinton gets the nomination, rock star Obama will get the Majority Leader position in the Senate (he would be a fool to take the VP slot and end up in third place behind Bill Clinton, and he knows that. I am sure McCain can knock off Hillary, and then with Centrist McCain as President, ant with Obama wanting to show he can do what he said and eliminating the bickering in Washington, as Majority Leader he can try to work with President McCain in a non-partisan way.

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