Saturday, March 08, 2008

Obama's strategy to deny MI & FL

Jerome Armstrong blogged Obama is sending out signals that they will reject Florida and Michigan having a new election,

Since they voted for Hillary the first time, he is afraid they would vote for her, even if he had an eual chance to compete.
while at same time rejecting the notion that either MI or FL should have their votes counted toward the Democratic nomination.... Basically, the Obama camp believes that they can control the credentials committee, based on the number of pledged delegates, and lock out MI & FL
And if he gets the nomination does he not want votes from those states in November. And is he stupid enough to think they will vote for him if he blocked their delegates from attending the convention?
-- they want the status quo to be the deal.... This sorta reminds me of when Brazille and the Gore campaign decided that, instead of doing the right thing and calling for a total state recount of Florida in 2000, they tried to just target the counties they thought would push them over the top by recount. You don't win the moral high ground by denying voters their right to have their vote counted; and you don't win by trying to play games with the rules to count some votes more than other votes.
But politicians always want to do it.
The Obama campaign seems to have bamboozled themselves into believing that only 'the math' that matters is the one that gives them the victory, and really are failing to see the big picture here of how they will lose the nomination to Clinton by trying to deny Florida and Michigan having representation.
I don't see how that would cause them to lose the nomination but the election in November is a different matter.

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