Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Korans in Toilet

MyFox New York reported A former Pace University student who twice threw copies of the Koran into a toilet

The only problem I see with throwing a Koran in the toilet is that it would very likely plug up the pipes, and do you have any idea what plumbers charge?
at the school after disputes with Muslims pleaded guilty Monday to disorderly conduct in connection with the incidents.
At least he is no longer charged with a hate crime, which is a felony punishable by up to four years in prison. But what would he have faced if he threw a Bible in the toilet? Robert Spencer suggests Probably he would have gotten some kind of award from the Pace Art Department.
Stanislav Shmulevich, 24, pleaded guilty as part of a deal in which he must do 300 hours of community service. He has completed about 80 hours of the service at a hospital, his lawyer said.
In Israel he might have gotten a two-year sentence like Tatiana did for this:

Shmulevich, of Brooklyn, admitted he tossed the Muslim holy books into toilets at Pace on Oct. 13, 2006, and Nov. 21, 2006. A criminal complaint says the Koran that was recovered in the October incident "was covered in feces."
In both cases, a teacher found the books in a men's room on the second floor of the school's main building in lower Manhattan. Muslims consider the Koran a sacred writing that contains the direct word of God,
Christians feel the same way about the Bible, but we are civilized enough not to riot, set fires, or kill people when it happens,
and desecrating it is seen as an offense against God.
Then why not let God deal with it?

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