Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clinton Says Nothing About Losses

Washington Post reported As news of her triple defeat in the Potomac Primary sank in, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton did what has become a specialty in recent weeks: She headed someplace else.
What do you expect her to do? Cry in her beer? They make fun of her when she cries.
After flying from Virginia to Texas for a rally on Tuesday night, Clinton did not publicly acknowledge, even in passing, that three significant primaries had taken place that day
Because she got beaten, bad, by a man in an empty suit.
and her campaign had not issued a statement hours after results were announced. Clinton has made a habit of ignoring contests she loses.
What fo you do when you lose, especially that badly?
On Monday, she cited Louisiana's large African American population in explaining her defeat there. At other times, her campaign has suggested the results of caucuses in general should be discounted.
Because they are made up of activists, and only Clinton activists matter to Clinton.

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