Sunday, February 10, 2008


Nobel winner Doris Lessing said If Barack Obama becomes the next US president he will surely be assassinated, British Nobel literature laureate Doris Lessing predicted in a newspaper interview published here Saturday. Obama, who is vying to become the first black president in US history, "would certainly not last long, a black man in the position of president. They would murder him," Lessing, 88, told the Dagens Nyheter daily.
I don't know why being black wold make it more likely for him to be assassinated. It looks like racism is still a significant thing in South Africa. If the Muslims buy into the idea that he used to be a Muslim, and is therefore an apostate, I can see that they might wish his death, but then they would have loved to take out George Bush for Afganistan and Iraq, and the Secret Service has done a good job protecting him.
Lessing, who won the 2007 Nobel Literature Prize, said it might be better if Obama's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton were to succeed in her bid to become the first woman president of the United States.
I suspect that Doris just wants another woman to win.
"The best thing would be if they (Clinton and Obama) were to run together. Hillary is a very sharp lady. It might be calmer if she were to win, and not Obama," she said.

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