Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Taxis for women reported For the comfort of Muslim women who do not wish to ride taxis with men, Dubai is now offering pink-coloured cabs with a female driver.
They could not do it in Saudia Arabia where women are not allowed to drive.
"Ladies Taxis" are the latest fad in the booming city, a business, tourism and commercial hub for more than 203 nationalities. "Our society is conservative and our women do not want to ride with men alone at night or when they arrive at the airport at two or three in the morning," Ammar Bin Tamim, director of Dubai Taxi, told Reuters.
Can't they trust the male Muslim drivers?
"We decided to operate this service after complaints from women who did not want to ride with men, especially at night.".... A policeman at the airport taxi stand directs women to hop into a pink cab, and men to the red-topped cars.
What if the men want to ride with a female driver?
Western women at the airport seemed at ease with the idea, following the directions with no surprise.

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